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  • RFID middleware version 2.0.
  • Greatly save time and cost for integrator and developers.
  • Support multi-reader management, max 100 sets of RFID readers.
  • Intelligent Gateway RFID reader.
  • With Raspberry Pi computer, Linux OS, fast networking, muti-reader management.

Hopeland RFID Middleware Manuals Download
  • RFID Middleware
    Hopeland RFID Software Middleware V2.0
    With the gradual introduction and application of RFID reader products, the user's needs become more and more diversified, RIFD reader use scale is also constantly expanding. Customers in the use of the process of facing a variety of challenges, such as the need for centralized network card reader management, unified state monitoring and maintenance1
  • Raspberry Pi UHF RFID Reader
    Raspberry Pi Gateway UHF RFID Reader HL7206C9
    Excellent: Raspbian OS based on Linux OS carrying ARM CPU keepsworking without crash Unique: Owned-Intellectual property, cooperated with easily developable Raspberry Pi 3 TM Intelligent: Can run middleware management software, max control 10 RFID device at same time, Developable: Open internal application development environment, can run customer 1
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