Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee visited Hopeland Electronics 2016-08-24

On the morning of August 24, Mr. Ma Xingrui, Vice Secretary of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee and Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, visited Shenzhen Hopeland Electronics Co., Ltd. and Mr. Lu Rahua, Chairman of Hopeland, warmly received Ma Shuji and his entourage.Mr. Rao Luhua first expressed his warm welcome to Mr. Ma and his party, and then introduced the company's profile, development history and achievements in the field of energy Internet and the future development plan.



"Hopeland's core technologies are advanced measurement, large-scale energy storage and micro-grid control technology,Internet of Thing/ UHF RFID and relying on these leading core technologies, Hopeland focuses on energy storage and micro-grid, EV ecosystem, Power grid, electricity sales and park energy services, the four pillar industries.As energy storage, micro-grid and new energy automotive ecosystem leading enterprises, Corus has a complete multi-scene application solutions and system integration capabilities in Qinghai Tibetan area through the project Application to solve the problem of electricity consumption of 180,000 people without electricity, in Yumen through the integration of wind and power storage model to solve the problem of new energy consumption, to promote China's new energy and energy storage industry has contributed to the development.In the field of new energy vehicles , Hopeland through energy services / IOT RFID protect and business model innovation, is committed to creating the most perfect new energy vehicle exosphere, investment in power battery factory, battery PACK production line, building a car, pile joint operation as the core of the charging network cloud platform, through Hopelandd platform and other charging platform to achieve interconnection and sharing of information, to achieve the Internet, car networking and energy integration of the Internet, to achieve charging operations, time-sharing leasing, advertising, car washing services, insurance agents and other integrated eco-business model.



After listening to the report in detail, Ma Shuji highly appreciated the achievements in the field of high-speed development and IOT/RFID and energy Internet in the past 20 years and put forward the "immediate solution" to the practical problems encountered in the course of enterprise development. 


Secretary Ma said that to solve the problem for the enterprise is the government's mission, he will work with relevant departments to sort out the problem as soon as possible; and stressed that: industrial development is the basis for economic and social development in Shenzhen, Hopeland as the development of science and technology enterprises in Shenzhen , For the economic development of Shenzhen provides a driving force. In the future, the government will not only actively solve the problems encountered in the development process of Hopeland, but also provide an excellent environment for Hopeland's innovation and development, and fully support Hopeland to become bigger and stronger.

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Any inquires and suggestions are welcomed and we are pleased to answer no matter for our company, products or services.