Warehouse Management

RFID Warehouse Management


Even there is WMS system for warehouse management, by the goods storage increasing, the requirement of efficiency and 

accuracy of management is higher and higher, which makes the current WMS not good enough for inventory management.  

UHF RFID system is an ideal solution to avoid the disadvantages  and to increase the inventory management quality.    


RFID Warehouse Management

How it works?

• RFID Solutions system is for integrated with both RFID and network communication technology.

• Firstly each product in stock should be stick with a RFID tag, which is coming with globally unique ID.

• In this solution, handheld RFID reader is for fast reading the RFID tag information and sending to server by wireless communication method quickly.

• Fixed RFID reader is for access control, with circular polarized antenna to make sure the tag’s identification in multiple angles.

• Developed software with our well prepared SDK.

RFID Warehouse Management

 Flow Chart:

RFID Warehouse Management


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