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RFID Management for Tracking and Inventory

The RFID technology can be of most useful help in short range surveillance and monitoring as it is both efficient and cost effective. Using RFID tags to uniquely identify a person or an object is achieved easily. The whole apparatus is easily scalable to achieve higher distance ranges by using higher grade tags or by using battery powered...

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RFID-based System in Inventory Management

RFID has been used in automotive vehicle identification for more than 15 years, but the focus of much effort now is on using it to track products for supply-chain management. Several challenges to full-scale, widespread deployment of RFID in thesupply chain remain. The main challenge is privacy and security. Consumer protection organizati...

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Hopeland New Retail Self-Service Store in Xiamen

At the beginning of last month, the first 24hrs Self-Service Store was set up in Xiamen. Similar with Bingo, Well go, E+Store use the most popular technology of UHF RFID for items identifications. Every commodity tags with an unique UHF RFID label, when clients walk through the accounting area, the RFID reader could read the price informa...

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RFID-based Intelligent Warehouse Management System

Normally, warehouse management system (WMS) was widely adopted for collecting data of warehouse in order to optimize the operation and management. However, the current WMSs have an obvious weakness in the terminal data gathering because they contain no feature of real-time and automatic data retrieval.. Among all the technologies, Radio F...

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RFID-based Management System for Cloth Supply Chain

“200 Million RFID tags will be used on apparel in 2009 rising to 833 Million in 2012” The new ID TechEx report "Apparel RFID 2009-2019" is unique in comprehensively analyzing the use of RFID in the apparel value chain from tagging cloth in manufacture to retail fashion and rented apparel. We integrate RFID and Smart-shelf enabled Service ...

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The Application of RFID Technology in the Inventory Management

Today's society, high productivity, product is extremely rich, science and technology in rapid development, however, the profits that enterprises get through increase productivity, abundant products, improving quality, using advanced technology are more and more limited. A typical RFID system generally consists of three parts: tags, RFID ...

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Supply Chain Management Based on RFID Technology

In recent years automatic identification procedures (Auto ID) have become very popular in many service industries, purchasing and distribution logistics, industry, manufacturing companies and material flow systems. Automatic identification procedures exist to provide information about people, animals, goods and products. RFID technology u...

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How to Choose an Ideal RFID Reader

Not all of the RFID reader devices with same specification, because different environmental conditions. So how to choose an ideal RFID reader products for your projects? First of all to understand the four parts of RFID system: tags, RFID readers, antennas, management software. 1. Distinguish what RFID protocol If the reader is different ...

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RFID Technology Support Security Industry

At present, many industries have used RFID technology. RFID technology is closely related to the security industry, RFID technology plays an important role in applications such as intelligent transportation, intelligent parking, intelligent access control, RF anti-theft and other products and solutions. Intelligent parking With the vigoro...

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RFID Handheld Terminal for Hotel Applications

The hotel is a comprehensive service group integrating dining, accommodation and entertainment. When the transaction or process become more and more, unable to meet the rapid trading needs of the business, it will cause a lot of business loss, and will face a difficult bottleneck. Therefore, RFID handheld terminal for data collection and ...

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RFID Helps Production Self-organizing - Vision of Industry 4.0

The dream of an extremely flexible production structure would be that workstations are standing freely in the production hall grouped by certain production functions. The orders would navigate autonomously from workstation to workstation guided by their own working plans and by both efficiency and engineering KPIs. They would communicate ...

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Document Management System Based on RFID Technology

With the rapid development of Internet technology and barcode technology, under the existing technical conditions, the combination of RFID technology and the construction of digital archives, building a highly efficient and highly modernized archives has become possible. File management system based on RFID technology consists of a centra...

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